Alain Lagacé +

Tour creator and nature guide.

Alain Lagacé

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Tel : +1 (418) 949-2038

Co-founder of "Golden Peninsula Tours", Alain is a nature enthusiast with the soul of an explorer whose desire is always to share his passion and his discoveries.

He has lived for many years with the Inuit in the Far North of Quebec and Labrador and has gained a great deal of experience in the region. On board his float plane and snowmobile, he explored the vast peninsula of Quebec-Labrador and made fascinating discoveries.

It is with enthusiasm that he joins our team to reveal tours filled with hidden treasures and to accompany you in the field within the "Golden Peninsula".

Fabrice Simon+

Wildlife and nature photographer

Fabrice Simon


Tel from France : 06 80 24 07 11

Tel international : +33 6 80 24 07 11

It has been 20 years since Fabrice first set foot in North America, in Quebec. This first contact so amazed him that he traveled to many places on the continent afterwards. His great passion for all bears, black, brown or white, led him to Alaska, British Columbia and the "Golden Peninsula" of Quebec-Labrador.

This region has revealed to him its potential for wonders of all kinds, still little-known today: the grandiose landscapes, the ballet of the aurora borealis in late summer and his love for fauna, dazzle him every moment. His desire to share with others his knowledge of the field associated with his photographic knowledge has solidified his decision to join our team this year.

Fabrice has been regularly awarded prizes in international photographic competitions, has published several books and regularly gives lectures where he likes to make his audience aware of the beauty that nature in its wildest form can offers us. For Fabrice, it is in this pristine and untouched nature that he finds a certain naturalistic ethic where respect and humility become his main thread.

Richard Hume+

Lodge co-owner and commercial bush plane pilot.

Richard Hume


Tel / Text: +1 (450) 566-3832

With over 25 years of outfitting and piloting experience in the region of Nunavik, Richard is an adventure enthusiast whose passion is to introduce visitors to the wonders of this region in his DHC-II Beaver aircraft.

Having spent a quarter of each year in the Far North of Quebec and Labrador since the age of 12, there are few places in the territory where he has not ventured.

His vast experience has left him eager to share his stories with guests, and pilot them to their next great destination on the Golden Peninsula.

Amanda Kat +

Lodge co-owner and manager.

Amanda Kat


Tel / Text: +1 (450) 612-3832

Co-founder of "Golden Peninsula Tours", Amanda’s love for the Far North of Quebec and Labrador is second only to her desire to share the wonders of the region with guests in search of new and exciting places to explore.

With 20 years of experience as an outfitter in the Far North, she gained extensive knowledge in order to master the logistical execution of remote operations, as well as raised the standard for lodging in the region by upgrading the facilities at Wedge Hills Lodge.

Coordinating every detail to ensure that guests have the most memorable experience is her passion.

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